Airdrie Snow Removal

Snow Removal for Aidrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Red Deer, Edmonton and Greater Calgary AB area

Snow Removal Airdrie

Wheelchair accessibility is always of high importance, but what can you do in weather conditions with heavy snowfall? Typically you’ll see a ramp made for wheelchair access; whether it’s into a church or into a shed, ramps have been the defacto way to get wheelchair safely into buildings. (Clearing ramps is a priority for snow removal companies.) However, heavy snowfall puts them at risk to becoming buried – what are the options? Many ramps are going to be protected by overhanging roofs, but if a ramp does become buried your only option really is to shovel the snow away. Be sure, however, to make it safe before using it with the wheelchair. If the ramp is particularly long it can be extremely hazardous to being walked on. Even tread strips on many ramps will prove useless if it’s been hidden under snow for a time. Approach with caution and you will be ok – try to find a second person to help with the wheel chair for extra stability.

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